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Anthony Rodriguez
Location: Elizabeth, nj, usa
Description: Christian Latin Jazz Music by pianist Anthony Rodriguez
Biography: Playing for so many years I finally decide to start the Ministry God has called me for."Poetology" which means Poetry onto God.In every performance the band and I have one goal which is to show the world God also glorifies himself through Latin Jazz. This CD is for God and for those that don't know God.In this first Production I experienced different things ,taking the band into the studio and just pressing the record button and just playing the progressions and going into the improves. Through out the years of playing with different artist and different recordings I learned to just make the people happy.I always like to connect with the crowd making sure that we have a vibe going on, because without that connection there's no chemistry so what's the point of performing.This Production is for the people to connect with God, that's where the connection is. In certain moments of this recording there were alot of risks, the band and I were going into these modes where we just had to keep going til it was over.There was a connection between me and the guys.A experience I will never forget but the important thing is that we enjoyed recording this CD. It's a blessing to share my talent with other talented musicians. God Bless and Thank you all. Hope to see you soon.
Press Release:
Christian pianist Anthony Rodriguez brings us new melodies and fresh ideas to the christian world.This young pianist is called by God to compose and worship through the music that God has given him. Having that calling young pianist Anthony composes old standard church songs and turns it into what you call Latin Jazz. Bringing that into churches Anthony breaks the rules and proves to everyone that God also loves Latin Jazz. Worship onto God with solos and different melodies.Its not the style of music is the heart of the music,says Anthony. A new Ministry with a new sound "Anthony Rodriguez & Poetology.

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