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Beth Schafer

Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Description: Upbeat, positive messages that don't preach. Stacks of yummy harmony and great grooves!
Biography: Great, singable melodies, hip grooves, stacks of harmony. Important messages. Beth Schafer's career really began when she learned a big in winning the 2006 American Idol Underground Faith Based competition. What was the lesson? That universality key. Beth's songs have positive messages and are resonating with an audience of many backgrounds. An accomplished guitarist and writer, Beth is taking the country by storm with a band of seasoned pros and spreading a "feel good" that has no religious boundaries. She has played mega-churches and synagogues, she has even played at center court for the Orlando Magic. She has graced folk festivals and national religious conferences. Schafer and her band are the real thing. As an artist, Beth stands out in clear contrast to the average folk singer, or the follow-the-latest-trend band. Beth has a degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Miami School of music and has been a working musician for 20 years. Beth firmly believes that music can make things happen that can't happen comfortably around a conference table. She enjoys every opportunity she gets to share her magic with anyone on a journey toward understanding, tolerance and peace.
Press Release:
If you are trying to surround yourself with positive messages, and are looking for music with substance, this CD is for you. Positive messages that don’t preach, rocking arrangements with a contemporary twist and great vocals and guitars define this groundbreaking release, Build That Bridge, by performer, Beth Schafer. After her 2006 American Idol Underground win in the faith-based category, Schafer set out to do what no performers are currently doing&write music with positive faith-affirming, peace-affirming messages that would appeal to listeners, regardless of their faith affiliation. With thick layers of vocals, electronica and guitars fronted by Beth’s silky voice, the messages of Build That Bridge reach out to those who believe in God and hope for peace; who are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with others like themselves regardless of what church or temple they pray in. The title track, co-written and performed by veteran rocker Larry Hoppen of the band, Orleans, is backed by Beth’s all-star band as is the rest of this well-arranged, well-produced collection. Schafer has garnered fans of so many diverse faiths, it was time to assemble a project that spoke to her fanbase directly; letting them know that the music that unites them could create friendships that could lead to peace. The overall mood is celebratory and hopeful; making you want to join the cast of thousands who sing along on the two live tracks toward the CD’s end. Build That Bridge is ambitious and fresh. The solid melodies and thick harmonies are memorable, even infectious. Schafer as a player stands apart from the average guitar-slinging folk singer, and as a writer, shatters the one-dimensional rock songs of the modern faith-based repertoire.
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