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DJ Puddy

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Location: Portland, OR, U S
Description: DJ Puddee Transitions is composed of slamin' hip -hop beats with a play on words. It's contents include sultry words and beats, spirituality, and comedy.
Biography: DJ Puddee announces new single Los Angeles, CA - Hip-hop trailblazer DJ Puddee has announced the new single from her album “Transitions Spun and Spoken.” The single, “When Love Goes Away,” is a singular experience. It’s a peeking into the romantic side of this powerful hip-hop artist. And the song itself, in its own right and in its own context, is a distinctive musical excursion. DJ Puddee’s music is marked by headiness that arises from the lush melodies, muscular beats and robust grooves, thanks to rich instrumentation, thick production balanced by openness and space. “When Love Goes Away” is cool and steamy all at once, sexy and hard-hitting, thanks to DJ Puddee’s trademark style. In particular, the new single is set apart by touches of the organic via a rich piano line and Puddee’s original vocal style, perhaps the single-most important staple of the artist’s work. This hip-hop/R&B innovator eschews either of the expected paths for this realm of music. It isn’t the soulful sung vocals of the R&B genre or the typical rap style of the bulk of hip-hop. Rather - as suggested by the album’s title - this is a fusion of the hip-hop/R&B genre with the poetic distinctiveness of spoken word performance. It serves “When Love Goes Away” well. While “Transitions Spun and Spoken” is hardly a romantically themed album overall and Puddee’s spoken word hooks bring the perfect feistiness to her big, energetic sound, her mode of performance is equally at home in more intimate material such as this. Her vocal presence brings an exhilarating charisma to the song that is only enhanced by DJ Puddee’s captivating sense of melody and beat-making. (She is nothing if not versatile, as the album demonstrates.) “When Love Goes Away” is the deep, thoughtful expression of a woman in love trying to cope with moving on after losing a relationship that completed her. It’s both tender and touch, an honest exploration of the soul of a woman who is both vulnerable and strong. DJ Puddee got her start as an on-air personality for Q-92, one of Georgia’s hottest radio stations. From there, she relocated to Seattle and commenced the construction of her studio while hitting gig after gig as a mobile DJ. Her dedicated efforts eventually guided her into the world of producing; soon, she honed her lyrical skills, melding her words and beats together into the kind of lean yet luxurious sound in which listeners now indulge. Previously, DJ Puddee released “Beats Straight from the Streets,” which she describes as “simply turntable-ism.” Her sophomore release was dubbed “Puddee’s House,” a dance mix CD. She is currently working with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. More information is available by visiting and BUY NOW!
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