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Location: Akron, Ohio, USA
Description: A boost of encouragement, inspiration and joy is what you will get from these songs from the heart. Songs of what the world needs NOW!
Biography: Larry Gibson And Company was formed by Larry Gibson in the early 1990’s. Together they carried their ministry to several different churches in the Ohio area. Larry along with other vocalist and musicians in the Akron, Kent and Cleveland area collaborated on recording their first singles “Join Hands” and “Shine Your Light”. They were able to achieve the sound and quality they were looking for in a Recording Studio called “Prime Time” out of Akron, Ohio. Larry Gibson and Company performed their first big concert opening up for: John P Kee, Phil Drisco and Jon Gibson at the Music Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. During the concert Larry met Tanya Smith who was working with the production company that sponsored the concert. They realized that they had many common goals. Tanya and Larry arranged to meet and record with some of the other vocalist and musicians. Their first CD, “Join Hands” came out in 1993. With the management of Jeff Byrd handling promotions and radio airplay, they were able to cover a lot of ground which enhanced their ministry. The Join Hands CD received airplay on many radio stations through out Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, New York and PA. They continued to sing in different churches and events in the Ohio area. With time and the hectic schedules and personal lives, Larry was not able to keep the band together. So, he was forced down size to just a small singing group and changed their name from Larry Gibson And Company to “Inspired”.

As a smaller group they were able to maintain and move around more freely. So, after Larry completed constructing his recording studio in his home in Akron, Ohio, Inspired started recording right away. When other local artist heard of “PD Records”, they were inspired to record in his studio as well. “Inspired” finished their first CD “Jesus Is Coming, Are You Ready” in 1996. This CD opened many more doors for Inspired. “Inspired” sung on many TV shows such as: Singsation (in Chicago), The Bobby Jones Show (in Nashville) and several appearances TBN (in Canton, Ohio) just to name a few. The “Jesus Is Coming” CD also received great reviews and airplay on secular radio stations as well as Gospel Stations, College Stations and Christian Radio.

Inspired78 (means)
I = Introduce, N = Nurture, S = Spiritualize, P = Proclaim, I = Intensify, R = Reassure, E = Encourage, D = Deliver, 7 = Completion, 8 = New Beginnings

Press Release:
Blessings to you,

It’s a new year and there are great opportunities coming your way. Keep your head up and follow that quiet still voice.

When you get a minute from your hectic schedule, take a look at our newest CD project and listen to the music that is generating interest across the world. Our music will encourage and inspire you. This project is a collection of 4 tracks from CD, “Join Hand” by Larry Gibson and Company, 4 tracks from CD, “Jesus Is Coming” by Inspired and 2 new tracks from the CD, The Best of Larry Gibson and Company / Inspired.
God Bless You,

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