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Ronnie Ray Riles Sr

Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Description: Music that uplifts your spirit, spiritual but with a sound that will make you pat your feet. A music mix of Traditional, Soul, neo Soul, and blues with lyrics that bring out the praise within you and make you want to cry out
Biography: Ronnie Ray Riles Sr. comes from a family made up of his parents and four brothers. They attended the Church of God in Christ on the corner from their home as youth. Though they didn’t particularly enjoy going to church then, their mother made it mandatory for them to do so and took them every Wednesday night to bible class and every Sunday morning to service. Their mother was the spiritual nurturer of the family. She involved them in forming a family quartet and singing during services and also had a hand in Ronnie becoming the Sunday school teacher for the small children. He himself was only 10 years old. If no other children went to the altar when the offering was made for altar prayer, Ronnie and his brothers were surely to be there. The older saints would gather around them and began praying for them. Little did they know that the hand of God was at work, developing in these young men a mind and a desire to serve him, which took some time to come forth, but eventually blessed them to blossom into young men that would serve the Lord with gladness for their entire lives. Ronnie eventually became a national evangelist and traveled the country for many years preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, telling a lost and dying world (Acts 2:28) to repent and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

His debut CD, entitled “Bad Boys Need God Too”, consists of both traditional and contemporary tracks. Many of the songs give testimony to the power of the living God and Ronnie’s personal testimonies are contained therein. The songs speak of real life experiences and tend to give a glimpse of the road Ronnie traveled to get where he is today in God. The songs speak of trial and deliverance and offer hope to all that are seeking for peace and joy in this life and eternal life in that which is to come.

The music tracks will have you patting your feet and clapping your hands to the catchy tunes produced by Ronnie’s brother in law and partner, Malcolm Dewayne Jackson. Brother Jackson is an extremely gifted and talented musician and composer and his music can be heard on numerous projects in the Gospel industry today.
Press Release:
Bad Boys Need God Too is an album by Ronnie R. Riles Sr. that reflects the music of today with a positive and inspirational vibe. The lyrics of the songs are actually derived from experiences incurred by Ronnie before he came to know the Lord. The lyrics express what is going on in the world today and warns us to avoid making bad choices and to decide to serve Christ. Television and some music forms have glamorized the street life and so many young men and women want to be gangsters and build a street reputation , the title song "Bad Boys Need God Too" speaks of street activities and its' downfalls and says we all, including so called bad boys, need God Too.
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