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Ulysses Salett

Location: Jacksonville, FLA, USA
Biography: Cleveland Ohio is where UL was born and raised but certainly not where he discovered his talents. He embarked upon his ability to sing while in prison as he had been convicted of burglary. stealing bus tickets Ulysses left Cleveland and headed somewhere warm,

Living in Florida had its ups and downs. The up part was that he no longer was being a slave for his parents; the down he had no experience living on the streets. What was he to do in such a situation? He stole basic living necessities, and slept on the beach until he began to feel as though he could no longer spiritually survive living the way that he was living. At the age of 18 UL turned himself in to the police for felony crimes in which he recieved twenty years in a Florida Correctional facility . When UL saw the prison cell close in the front of his face and heard the jolting lock echo in back of his ear drums, life for him became oh so real, and he had to make do with any necessity that could help keep him sane.

A perfect stranger gave UL a guitar while serving his sentence, and that was the most rewarding encounter that could have ever happened to him. He began playing the guitar in the prison band room where he also graduated to keys, drums, and other sophisticated instruments. “I was out before I got out”. And indeed he was.

Music gave UL the ability to relieve his anger; and when the anger left, God stepped into his life and revealed to him that he would be a successful bumbling ball of fire ready to share his story with the world. Shortly after his revelation and 10 years into his prison term, a guard walked up to him and told him that he had to leave, for his time was served. Since his exit he has produced twin urban albums Gospel Anthony 1 & 2 which encourages people to acknowledge the lord God, and My Personal Worship, an album that heals and inspires hurting individuals. Road tours, gospel shows, and international concerts are all additional ways of which he has been able to confirm his revelation from God. He has also appeared on number of media networks such as TBN, Atlanta Live, and has performed along side of Fred Hammond, Dc Talk and Kirk Franklin.
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