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 Vanessa Randall 
Vanessa Randall
Location: Miami, FL, USA
Description: Vanessa Randall " Take A Chance"
Biography: VANESSA RANDALL Given her girlish charm, mature vocals, and sincere heart, inspirational singer Vanessa Randall, is clearly here to become the new leader of the pack. To that end, she has hooked up with the dynamic songwriter/producers Larry Love & George Jacobs on the JUST Records label, who laughs on how they discovered Vanessa coming out of the womens restroom. Youll be amazed on what you find if you hang out by the womens restroom. Larry giggles. Being a diamond in the rough her vocal presence is undeniable on the compilation album, The LOVE & JACOBS project: Want Healing?...Press Play! Shell keep your head bopping from side to side while she expresses how she feels on Happy: With a word that held me tight/ Got me through all those lonely nights/ And you wipe my face, now I can say Im happy. Also, Vanessa shows she has some hip-hop influence on the single-worthy track called Friend that lets you know you have a friend in your times of need. Now with Vanessas production team in place, the spotlight is now on her as she produces a debut masterpiece album called Take A Chance. This sterling artists disc will highlight heartfelt songs like Well Make It a duet with R&B group Unison, that express the commitment a guy and a girl are making in accepting each other in marriage. This accompaniment brings to mind the bona fide soul hit The Closer I Get To You of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway fame, which will be the song women will walk down the isle for years to come. This message of eternal bonding is something you just dont hear in music today. Vanessa Randall is an experience you dont want to miss, so let her captivating voice lift you up.
Press Release:
Increased Spins WJAY Minister Tittle-Station Manager 414 Village Drive Havre De Grace, MD 21078 (Baltimore area) This is major news. Huge to be more precise. I spoke with Minister Tittle and he has now added as of today Vanessa Randall to the Top Ten Playlist on both We'll Make It and on El Shaddai. This means 30 X spins per week on We'll Make It and 30 X spins per week on El Shaddai. Minster Tittle said that starting tomorrow morning "this station will be the Vanessa Randall station. Quote unquote. I have a scheduled prone meeting with him tomorrow and he wants to discuss with me a major promotion for Vanessa and this station. I will fill you in on the details of this meeting tomorrow afternoon. Minister Title said one word to describe Vanessa's music is WOW !!!!! Now let me say that the above increase in spins does not include the spins she is already receiving. The total spin count on this station is now at 37 X spins per week for We'll Make it and 30 X per week for El Shaddai. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! click on the link...

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