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Location: Washington, DC, USA
Description: A smooth combination of melodic vocals mixed with urban beats which captivates the ear and delivers a powerful gospel message.


Revelations within the Seventh Sign

Inside dRenauld’s Ministry of Muse


The number seven represents spiritual perfection. In the creative works of God, seven    completes the colors of the spectrum and the notes of our musical scale.


Simply Seven

Seven is simply a number right? In fact, it is considerably more! It's a digit that symbolizes spiritual perfection.  The Bible states it is a numeral inspired directly through the Holy Spirit. Only recently, Gospel artist Derrick Manning perceived the cipher and symbol of the number seven within his life. The number seven is guiding him through a ministry of muse as he taps his talent to spread The Gospel. In 2010, the revelations within “the seventh sign” are intertwined within the musical messages of Derrick Manning - also known as Gospel artist dRenauld.


The Seventh Sibling

Derrick Renauld Manning was born weighing seven pounds, seven ounces. He was the youngest of seven children. To add to the irony; his first, his middle and last name each had seven letters! His parents chose to name him Derrick, because it means “power of the tribe.” This turned out to be somewhat true, as in his large family, he was the center of attention most of the time. “I’ve always had the performance gene,” says Manning, he continues, “As a toddler, I’d grab a broomstick as my microphone and pretend to be Michael Jackson.”


A Singer/Songwriter at Seven

Derrick’s family was close-knit, musically gifted and devoted to God. Because of this, church services would play an integral major role in his musical development. His first public performance would be in the church choir where he was exposed to the complex choral arrangements and harmonies of Gospel music. In addition, his family performed concerts, acting as a choir on its own. However, it would be at the age of seven when he would have his first performance televised on the local news show. By the 2nd and 3rd grade, he was already developing as a writer and songwriter, writing lyrics, essays and writing contests.


Tempted by ‘The Temptations’

The Motown explosion profoundly influenced Derrick during his teens. Although his parents were strict about what type of music he listened to, the sounds coming out of Detroit were enticing. He would sneak away to cue tunes from the Motown greats such as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and The Jackson Five. Derrick was tempted by The Temptations. However, Gospel music still held its grip on him; and another type of music was streaming out of Detroit. It was coming from the Contemporary Gospel movement of the late 70s and early 80s. The styles of Detroit Gospel groups such as The Winans and Commissioned spurred Derrick toward a dream to be a singer and a songwriter.


The Seven Seas

In 1983 Derrick joined the Navy. As he was “sailing the seven seas” he began to perform R&B while stationed in Italy. He loved being on stage and feeling the energy of the crowds. While he enjoyed the melodies and arrangements of the genre, he felt R&B was simply too risqué. His musical experiences in Italy, however, would be vital in developing his stage presence and songwriting skills. He left the Navy in 1987, but continued down the path of music. In 1999, he began performing with Gospel group Forgiven. He joined SetApart in 2001, and he continued to perform with them until 2009. Derrick has had the opportunity to perform twice at the National Gospel Music Workshop of America. His performances in New Orleans and Kansas City attracted attention from Light Records. This interest was profound for him, as it was the same label The Winans were signed to.


Sincere Praise

In 2010, Derrick launched his career as a solo artist using the stage name dRenauld. His debut album was entitled Sincere Praise. It exhibited his destiny in the music ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ironically, one review found the seventh track to be particularly poignant. “The track ‘Because of You’ gives off the feeling of a lonely man searching for something that could give him hope and protection.”  Indeed, the song does expose dRenauld’s knack to be an instrument of God’s message. Sincere Praise is a smooth musical milieu of contemporary Christian, urban, and Gospel. However, the compositions also add a polished R&B mood within a melodic menagerie meant for the masses.

Psalms and Songs

Through the years, Derrick has developed and evolved into a well-crafted lyricist, and talented performer. His life has revolved around an important number- the number seven. Psalm 7 reads, “I will give thanks to the LORD according to His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.” The seventh psalm perfectly reflects Manning's goal as a songwriter and his goal as performer dRenauld. He is divinely inspired to compose. He explains, “I’m compelled to bring people to the knowledge of God - and spread the Word of Salvation.”


Sonic Salvation

The Creator has plans for this creator. dRenauld’s ministry of muse aims to enlighten souls through a sonic salvation. With his sincere faith, and Sincere Praise, he now has twelve tracks. twelve “apostles.” Through each, dRenauld sends a message to all. It is one of a sonic salvation. Revelations from this seventh sign from this seventh sibling are all filled with good news. The seal has been broken for a new generation to be exposed to the Gospel, at a perfect time for a troubled world.  







Press Release:
dRenauld Press Release 2010





Monique L. Manning

Astre Management Group

(240) 354-7207 


The Twelve ‘Aural Apostles’

dRenauld Offers A Sonic Salvation Via Sincere Praise


WALDORF, MARYLAND (02/24/10) - Long ago, twelve apostles traveled the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus. They each used their own unique talents to enlighten souls to a message of salvation. In dRenauld's debut album Sincere Praise it is twelve radiant tracks that will act as twelve 'aural apostles.' They will each have their own inimitable style and will soon span the world to spread the message of the Gospel. With a distinctive urban-gospel style, the talents of dRenauld offer a 'Sonic Salvation' through the twelve tracks on Sincere Praise.


dRenauld heard his calling and began developing his innate musical gifts very early in his childhood. By the tender age of five he had already begun to perform as a vocalist. He continued developing his muses, which included songwriting, singing, and performing. dRenauld elaborates, “I've has always known my destiny as being called into the music ministry to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Through Sincere Praise, dRenauld is ready to share a spiritual message of hope, encouragement, and salvation.


Sincere Praise is a smooth and seductive musical milieu of contemporary Christian, urban, and Gospel. However, the compositions also add a silky and polished R&B/urban mood mixed in a melodic menagerie meant for the masses. Chilled-out ballads such as “My Story” and “Touch” are laden with lyrical meaning and positive uplifting messages. Up-tempo tracks “Got This Feeling” and “Make It” tap into a divine spiritual vigor. dRenauld’s exceptional vocals are vividly apparent in songs such as “Sincere Praise” and  “Because of You.” All of the tracks on Sincere Praise are original and composed by dRenauld with production help from Antonio Rivera of A1 Productions Entertainment and Al Fraser of Smoothbeatsonly.


Sincere Praise is a passionate and uplifting album. dRenauld has shown he is blessed, and willing to use his gifts to be an instrument of God’s message. The Creator has plans for this creator that has spent years mastering his muses. dRenauld now sends out twelve tracks - his twelve ‘aural apostles.’ Through Sincere Praise, these twelve will enlighten souls to a sonic salvation.







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